How can I get involved with KT Worship team?
If you feel you have a talent or a heart for worship, drop an email to music@kt.org or call us on 020 8799 6100 and we will get in touch with you regarding the next step.

In order to find out more about you and your talent we ask you to fill out a form and return it. We then ask you to audition. We will give you feedback from your audition – we are looking for singers and musicians of a certain level. If we perceive that you are not up to that level we will try and point you in the direction of training to help you gain skills you may need.

What happens after my audition?
If you meet the standards we are looking for either as a musician or a singer, we will ask you to join us in our regular rehearsals and will place you on probation for a period where we can get to know you and you us. It also gives you a period of time to learn the songs. We will also help you wit hthe resources that we have to help you get up to speed with our songs.

Of course some folks who we audition are not quite up to the standard we are looking for. If that is you, then we would point out areas you would need to work on and help you find training for them. But it may be that as one with the heart of a worshipper that whilst that is going on, you should be involved in our wider team, with our Captions operators, Our Technical team, Stage Management and so on.

How many services would I have to be involved in?
We try and maintain a balanced monthly Rota so that no one is overburdened in any one week. But we do expect you to be committed to Rehearsals each Thursday and to be involved in other services as per your availability and our need. There are also occasions when we enjoy a whole team day on a Sunday – whilst that may mean singing at 5 services, they are immense fun.

What about resources and rehearsals?
Each Thursday we have rehearsals at KT and for those to be successful we do expect that you will do your homework and come prepared, knowing the new songs and parts that are available. We will let you know which songs we plan to learn in advance and you will have access to on-line resources for them.

Is there an age limit?
No, but we are an adult team and if you are under 18 we have other opportunities in our youth and children’s departments to get involved in music and worship.

I would like to have music lessons
We can put you in touch with various professional tutors for vocals and most instruments for one on one tuition. KT PAS also runs a Saturday School for group lessons on a term by term basis.

Where can I buy the music?
We can send you the lyrics and the charts but at present the music is not available. If you wish to be informed when this changes, drop an email to music@kt.org

Where can I get chord charts/lyrics?
If you email music@kt.org we will send you lyric sheets and chord charts for the songs on the album.

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