About us

Kensington Temple Worship Team

At KT Worship, we have a passion to tell everyone about our love for Jesus Christ - who he is and all that he has done for us. We are also crazy about music, the stuff to stir our bones. Put the two together and you have teams of singers and musicians whose aim is to use their voices and instruments to praise and worship our God in song.

Like the reformers of old, we also believe that God wants each and every generation to have a voice and to use that unique sound in creative celebration before him. As a London Church in the beginnings of the 21st Century, we are creating an Urban sound of praise which will resonate with the people of London, after all our Church motto is 'London and the world for Christ'.

As a whole team we provide the musical backdrop across all of the services of KT on Sundays and through the week. To help keep track of your involvement we publish a Rota each month.

KT is also a cell church and we believe that as a team we should be amongst the best examples of the cell vision and ministry.
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