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Nestled in the streets of Notting Hill gate, close to Portobello market lies Britain's premier Pentecostal Church, Kensington Temple. To hear over 100 nations in celebration and praise is to hear something of heaven. KT Worship team draws upon this wonderful mix of cultures and colours to bring an urban sound of worship for the 21st Century each week as over 5000 people gather across 5 services on a Sunday.


  • October 2014

    KT Worship is releasing a new album entitled 'More Than Enough' on Sunday 12th October at 7pm service in Kensington Temple. The album has been produced by Integrity Music, a leading Christian music label.

    Integrity Music says: "Kensington Temple would be one of the best examples of a genuinely multi-cultural church in London, with many nationalities forming the church. This is an album that sounds creative, feels multi-cultural and multi-generational - simply highlighting that the God we worship is all of these things and more."

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  • How can I get involved with KT Worship team?

    If you feel you have a talent or a heart for worship, drop an email to music@kt.org or call us on 020 8799 6100 and we will get in touch with you regarding the next step.

    In order to find out more about you and your talent we ask you to fill out a form and return it. We then ask you to audition. We will give you feedback from your audition - we are looking for singers and musicians of a certain level. If we perceive that you are not up to that level we will try and point you in the direction of training to help you gain skills you may need.



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